The company is specialized in the trade with as development and fulfilment of marketing projects in respect of medical, pharmaceutical, hygienic and cosmetic products. Our activities expecting Bulgaria are spreading to whole Balkans.

Our activities cover different from the count above products, but that are appreciate to has big trade potential for good turnovers on each specific country.

We are doing a marketing research in respect with each product, we are involve and responsible to do its registration and legalisation, as the full adapting of the packaging as to responds to all law rules in the specific country.

We are creating and realizing the whole marketing mix of actions, as advertisement, promotions etc. to support the best placement of the product on the market as to assure its best positions under the end consumers.

We are covering all elements on the ways of the product from its import as the product to get to the clients. We are coordinating all actions to bind the wholesaler with the shop/or pharmacy, to bind the shop/pharmacy with the prescribers/image makers and all, as to bond the end consumers and its problem with the product, that it needs.